Hope Diamonds in The Sky!

With this ring, I thee wed. Do thee take this story, to have and to hold, till death do us part or an untimely interruption, via likely internet service, a sounding ring, or a grumbling stomach? I promise to honor this story’s history for better, best, or worse cursed. I now pronounce an April fool’s quest for a spiritual best, and live happily ever after, at least till the end of this day and this very story. No joking, we’re walking down the aisle as to the origins of that beautiful rock you placed for all eternity on your delicate ring finger. Let’s hope you “know” where it came from? Be carful, this particular ring has the ability to steal your heart!


“Diamonds in general, including the Hope Diamond, are the hardest natural minerals known on Earth, but because of weak planes in the bonds of a diamond’s crystalline structure, the crystal can fracture along these planes if not handled correctly. (Can you see the similarities?) These weak planes, allow diamond cutters to split a rough uncut stone into smaller flawless parts before the process of faceting the stone takes place.” (Talk about commitment). Premarital counseling is suggested.


“Only a diamond can scratch another diamond (Ouch, your nails are sharp!), so to create a faceted diamond, the uncut rough is mounted in a holder, and then the flat surfaces or facets are ground into the surface of the stone using specially made metal wheels impregnated with diamond particles. (Married with children and highly pressurized). These facets are ground and polished using ever finer grades or grits of diamond powder until they have a clear mirror surface, ultimately producing a gem that sparkles by refracting or reflecting light in different ways.” (Source Wikipedia, and years of honoring, obeying, and vowing)

Shine Bright Like, Stars, Pearls, & Diamonds!

“The diamond has become a symbol of pure love for many couples around the world. Today, its durability inspires countless couples to hold the diamond as a symbol of the eternal commitment and unbroken bonds between lovers.”

Hearts a Fire

“In astrology, each month has a corresponding gemstone that represents the unique characteristics of each of the 12 sun signs in the Zodiac. Astrologers and gemstone wearers believe that wearing the birthstone protects us from harm and lends our life joy and love. Just like other gemstones, the diamond also holds a pride of place in the list of birthstones. Based on the analysis of the Zodiac, astrologers believe that the characteristics of the diamond resemble the characteristics of the sun sign Aries. Independent, strong-willed, and optimistic, both the Aries-born and their birthstone, the diamond, shine their brilliant light on the rest of the Zodiac.” (Source The Diamond Reserve .com)

I Fell Into a Ring of Fire!

“Known as an energy amplifier in spiritual communities, the diamond is believed to detoxify the body, freeing people from digestive problems, infertility, diabetes, and dermatological concerns. In order to properly absorb the diamond’s healing properties, astrologers recommend having a 1-3 carat diamond inserted into gold, silver” …. platinum or rose gold, princess cut for the best results.” There’s as many preferences as there are options. Choose wisely, they’re expensive in every way! Some say budget for three months’ salaries worth! That’s a lot of carrots, doc! Luckily, there is no debtor’s prison anymore.

Digging For Carrots

Likely the diamond sparking off your finger is not from India, but the first origins of this otherworldly stone are, so we might as well journey along with the gem of magnificent proportions. The total straight line flight distance from California to India is only 8,416 miles away, one way. The cost of flights, arrangements, luggage, necessities, not mentioning haunted hotels, experience of a lifetime, astronomical history, breathtaking art, earth, people, “life”, and food, is too much for my nonexistent financier to fund for me; but for one week, (guess estimation consisting of google research), upwards of $2000 per person (one way ticket). Take your audio books, music by Rihanna, Bible, and a soundproof pillow for this flight. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights, long flights, inflation, curses, demons, or the Atlantic Ocean. “Before diamonds were discovered in Brazil in the 1700s, India was the only place where diamonds were mined. Early references to diamonds in India come from Sanskrit texts,” but for this trek we’ll arrive in 1666. How unlucky!?

Woe is Me!

Is the Hope diamond the ultimate mood ring, precious and priceless, a curse, an ancient entrapped beheaded sultans’ vengeful spirit, or “blue under ordinary light because of trace amounts of boron within its crystal structure and exhibits a red phosphorescence under exposure to ultraviolet light and classified as a type IIb diamond”, or all the above?

All of the Above & Below

“The Hope Diamond was formed deep within the Earth approximately 1.1 billion years ago. Like all diamonds, it was formed when carbon atoms formed strong bonds with each other. As we should with each other, rather, a material bond. I guess that’s neither here nor there; wouldn’t want to object to a diamond market worth 30 billion a year! Wow, that’s a dazzling, sparkling, and shining example of over inflation to the gluteus maximus, I meant derriere! Your ring is stunningly beautiful and compliments you.

Flattery will get you everywhere!

The Hope Diamond was originally embedded in kimberlite and was later extracted and refined to form the current gem. Ironically, kimberlite, “named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, where the discovery of an 83.5-carat (16.70 g) diamond called the Star of South Africa in 1869 spawned a diamond rush and the digging of the open-pit mine called the Big Hole.”

Star Light so Bright, Wish I May, Wish I Might, Have The Wish, I Wish Tonight!

Sure, doesn’t sound like bliss; what hole ever does? After that research, a baptism sounds refreshing; see blood diamonds, the almighty dollar, slavery, marketing, and politics for further reference. Two stepping it back to the Hope Diamond; it contains trace amounts of boron atoms intermixed with the carbon structure, which results in the rare blue color of the diamond.” Sticking with tradition, oh, so pretty, something “borrowed” and blue!

Dancing The Blues!

“The Hope Diamond has changed hands numerous times (theft mainly; thou shall not steal, covet thy neighbor’s wife, and on for eternity) on its way from Hyderabad, to India, France, Britain, and the United States, where it is on public display. It has been described as the “most famous diamond in the world”.” It was expertly appraised as the most infamous diamond in the world, that we know of. There are more, we can elaborate, embellish, garner, vesture, and fawn over later. “Also known as Le Bijou du Roi (“the King’s Jewel”), Le bleu de France (“the French Blue”), and the Tavernier Blue, is a large, 45.52-carat (9.104 g), deep-blue diamond, studded in a pendant Toison d ’or. It is currently housed in the National Gem and Mineral collection at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.” You definitely want to hold back from wearing or even touching this beauty! Hands off the glass! In this case, a must.

Hand Love Across The Water!

“Historically, it has been claimed that diamonds possess several supernatural powers”:

Powers of Be

“A diamond gives victory to he or she who carries it bound on his left arm, no matter the number of enemies.” Might be useful at the grocery store, but why do I have so many enemies? Keep your guest-lists enemy free zone.
“Panics, pestilences, enchantments, all fly before it; hence, it is good for sleepwalkers and the insane.” Good to know! I have questions but am too afraid to ask them.
“It deprives lodestone and magnets of their virtue (i.e., ability to attract iron).”
“Arabic diamonds are said to attract iron greater than a magnet.” I’m sure this is vitally important, since I’ve always lacked iron. Stick with leafy greens, good for those red blood cells and most everybody needs.
“In traditional Hinduism one should avoid contact with a diamond whose surface area is damaged by a crack, a crowfoot (see blog The Baby Black Crows), a round, dull, speckled area, or which is black-blue, flat, or is cut other than the (ideal) hexagonal shape.” Oops, too late for that hope of a diamond.”

A Crack in the Armor

After that harrowing jaunt through histories secretive mysteries, let’s check into and spring for the four seasons while we study a crash course in the four C’s. “Four characteristics known informally as the “four Cs” are now commonly used as the basic descriptors of diamonds: carat, cut, color, and clarity. This system was developed by Gemological Institute of America in 1953 as internationally recognized standard to evaluate diamonds characteristics.” (Source Wikipedia) On the season’s lunch menu, ahi tuna and avocado tartar, tomato soup, margherita flat bread, and for dessert, lemon tart baked meringue pie. I’m never leaving! I have reservations well into the afterlife, under Mrs. April Showers.

April Showers, Rain Heavenly

How much is this going to cost, you ask? “A weekly diamond price list, the Rapaport Diamond Report is published by Martin Rapaport, CEO of Rapaport Group of New York, for different diamond cuts, clarity and weights.” Not the guy who shows up on Bravo shouting for Dorinda or assumed Melissa Mcarthy’s brother. You should definitely channel him when purchasing a piece of jewelry, though, or exactly the type of guy selling gold chains, and diamond grills from a black trench coat. Essentially this rap sheet is currently considered the de facto retail price baseline and Michael, a funny, comedian, actor, and defense attorney for disgruntled housewives, or something along those lines.

Vow Renewal Unlucky for Housewives?

“Quoted per carat, rather than per stone. Only about 20% of all diamonds mined have a clarity rating high enough for the diamond to be considered appropriate for use as a gemstone; the other 80% are relegated to industrial use.” I’m feeling very pressurized and kicked to the curb, by this data. “The finest quality as per color grading is totally colorless, which is graded as D color diamond across the globe, meaning it is absolutely free from any color. Diamonds with higher color grades are rarer, in higher demand, and therefore more expensive, than lower color grades. Oddly enough, diamonds graded Z are also rare, and the bright yellow color is also highly valued. Sounds divinely “fire”!

The Whole World In Her Hands

“While even a pale pink or blue hue may increase the value of a diamond, more intense coloration is usually considered more desirable and commands the highest prices. A variety of impurities and structural imperfections cause different colors in diamonds, including yellow, pink, blue, red, green, brown, and other hues. Black diamond’s natural form is known as Carbonado, the toughest form of the diamond which is porous and difficult to cut.”

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

“Today, annual global rough diamond production is estimated to be about 130 million carats (26 tonnes; 29 short tons), of which 92% is cut and polished in India, mostly in the city of Surat. Some 85% of the world’s rough diamonds, 50% of cut diamonds, and 40% of industrial diamonds are traded in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond center of the world.” I so want to go! That’s another day of writing about waffles, passports, portals, foreign languages, Saints, international spying, Canada, and Queens.

Jewel in the Crown

“In the 21st century, the technology to produce perfect diamonds synthetically was developed. Diamonds produced by the latest technologies are visually identical to mined, naturally occurring diamonds. It is too early to assess the effect of future wide availability of gem-quality synthetic diamonds on the diamond market, although the traditional diamond industry has taken steps to try to create a distinction between diamonds dug from the ground and diamonds made in a factory, in part by downplaying the fact that diamonds from both sources are actually visually identical. Synthetics currently represent 2% of gem-quality diamond supply used for jewelry, but 98% of industrial-quality supply used for abrasive applications.” Hmm, are we being fooled?

There are two sides for every question.

Even Plato believed, “gemstones were a consequence of fermentation in the stars, where a diamond actually formed the kernel of gold-bearing mass”. In later times, “Robert Boyle actually believed that gems (including a diamond) were formed of clear, transparent water, and that their colors and characteristics were derived from their metallic spirit.” I do however believe the old sayings and traditions should be worn and most importantly passed on to ensure that love binds more than anything else.

Watercolors of Love

“Many believe that it is bad luck to allow another woman to try on an engagement ring. This is said to be because the other person will take away the good fortune attached to the ring, bring their bad fortune to the ring, or steal the husband! Other old wives’ tales state that an engagement ring should never be removed from the bride’s hands.” I could go on, there are numerous, too many to count, omens to follow, but I have seen, first account, materializing and brought forth. Once thought to have a happy ending, most assured wedded forever blissfully, lost with a touch so light and a tear meant for the flip side. Forty years of marriage ended right before my eyes. My apologies, caught in a moment of my parents last few moments together. Memories more precious than any diamond could ever spark!

Love Written in Stone, from the Stars, and Forevermore!

“A diamond jubilee celebrates the 60th anniversary of a significant event related to a person (e.g., accession to the throne or wedding, among others) or the 60th anniversary of an institution’s founding. The term is also used for 75th anniversaries, although the human lifespan makes this usage more common for institutions.” Awe, someone just smeared the cake! Better than my face; I cringe when people think it’s so cute to smash cake in someone’s face. Doesn’t say much for those vows or work perfecting every layer of love. Or speaks volumes! Not licking that!

Finger Licking Good!

“The oldest dated printed book in the world is called the Diamond Sutra, a Chinese text dating from 868 and was found in the Mogao Caves. Sutras are most used to describe the teachings of Buddha. In this case the title of the Sutra refers not to the diamond itself but to a ‘diamond blade that will cut through worldly illusion to illuminate what is real and everlasting’. Jewel imagery forms a central part of Buddhism: the triple-jewel represents ‘Buddha’, his teachings ‘Dharma’ and the spiritual community ‘Shangha’.” Also, housed not from home, but the British Library. That’s a sword for the first time that sounds less of a weapon and more of a teaching aid. Seems like a scavenger hunt is ahead. Would be nice to place all the extravagant, powerful, colorful, decorative Easter eggs back to their nests.


“Palms rise to the universe”, let’s thank God for a little insight, rest, and soon resurrection. “Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy. You and I, you and I, we’re like diamonds in the sky. Shine bright like a diamond”! Happy April Fool’s Day and thank you for visiting! Please take care and your welcome to return for more hip hopping down the bunny trail.

Colors upon Archways to Hop Through!

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