Deppth VS Heard

I “heard” that depth has a few meanings: the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something, distance from the nearest to the farthest point of something or from the front to the back; more likely, the quality of being intense or extreme, and lastly, a point far below the surface. And far below the surface of this case story we’ll delve deep, maybe way back to the nineties and long before these “characters” ever were.

“Loving you; Isn’t the right thing to do?” (You can go your own way)

The civil court case of Depp versus Heard has captivated and mesmerized Americans like never before! Factually, I know of others, but the fair-weather skies pull me closer to home. This defamation suit has every scorned ex, pirate, wench, fair maiden, and mermaid in between clamoring for the tube and every indecent, defiling motion, and toxic perversion on display, like a cursed treasure chest for all to behold! Talk about “airing” your dirty laundry. “Often this idiom is shortened to ‘dirty laundry,’ which is used as a noun to refer to the types of details that, when revealed, could sully a person’s reputation, threaten their career, etc.” (Source, or my grandmother shushing me to keep private matters from reaching the ears of prying eyes)

“I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry”

I’m a truthteller and truth-seeker by birthright, among a plethora of other colorful adjectives, descriptions or opinions. I’ve already taken the oath; “An oath is a central part of any testimony in court and is critical to the integrity of the overall legal proceeding. As a sworn statement, an oath obligates a person to tell the truth and confers heavy penalties on those who knowingly and willfully lie while under it.” On this beautiful weekend morning we’ll lie under a bright umbrella. Glorious Angels Trumpets amongst Mexican palm trees intertwined the expansive orange groves, this motif. Pink lemonade for our thirsty souls. Better to tell the truth, you won’t have to “remember” anything, coming from Hotel California’s “terrace” and their very familiar “ghosts”. I can hear a similar eerie tune. You can faintly hear soft rock and a waning guitar, off in the distance, the scent of perfume or maybe incense wafting nearby.

“Gazing Earthward”

Ah, nothing like the smell of a dusty, stale air, legal book weighing 20 pounds to get the heart rate up and pulsing. “Defamation laws in the United States date back to before the American Revolution and are much less stringent than in some European countries. For example, in Europe, a victim can sue a person for a separate case of defamation of character for every country (even in international waters?) in which the statement was made or published. American defamation law only allows a victim one claim per publication of a defamatory statement, regardless of how many places it was published. In addition, each state has its own definition of exactly what constitutes defamation, some more lenient than others.” (Source

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

The depth of these legal definitions is pertinent to this matter and contain elements we must address, your honor. “Defamation laws differ for various states, but commonly, there are accepted standards that are universal in the U.S. When a person believes he/she has been a victim of libel or slander, filing a civil lawsuit may help him/her obtain a court order for the defendant to withdraw the defamatory remarks, and perhaps to issue a public apology. If the victim proves his/her defamation case, he/she may be awarded monetary damages for his/her pain and suffering, as well as any monetary losses he/she may have suffered as a result of the libel or slander. Required elements of a defamation lawsuit include”:

We’re in the halls of justice and it’s just us.

1 – A defamatory statement was made.
2 – The statement made was published in some fashion, meaning it was told to others either verbally or in writing.
3 – The statement was not true, and the person who published the statement knew that it was not true.
4 – The statement caused the victim harm or injury, emotionally or financially.
5 – The statement did not fall under the privileged category

What did you hear?

Today’s privileged and “pillaged” climate (*cynical*) and logic seems to have flown right out the window along with decorum, discretion, compassion, manners, morality, and matrimonial faithfulness. There are 50 million more. Forever and for everything else, there’s a mastercard at someone else’s expense account. I’m sure a tax right-off. Now is as good a time as any, to introduce my chosen attorney, Matlock, or Andy Griffith, or incarnate Foghorn Leghorn.

*Feeling* “Judgy”

“Andy Samuel Griffith was an American actor, comedian, television producer, southern gospel singer, and writer whose career spanned seven decades in music and television. Known for his Southern drawl, his characters with a folksy-friendly personality, and his gruff but friendly voice.” (Source Wikipedia, and my father’s uncanny resemblance, and years of Mayberry and Opie)


As for Matlock, “Matlock is an American mystery legal drama television series created by Dean Hargrove, starring Andy Griffith in the title role of criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock. Matlock possesses the ability to find overlooked clues to help him prove the innocence of his clients.” Now, no one involved in this case walked the plank, but Matlock’s down home country philosophy sure could be put to good use, if I do say so myself.

“If we put this solid citizen on the stand without any hard evidence, then I’m going to say let’s convict (his client) and go home.”

“Pay attention, son” “Foghorn Leghorn is a cartoon rooster who appears in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons and films from Warner Bros. Animation. He was created by Robert McKimson, and starred in 29 cartoons from 1946 to 1964 in the golden age of American animation.” “I say, I say,” Foghorn might be a figment of imagination, but this case has been “heard” around the world, pun intended. Even Egghead Jr. agrees, Matlock is a better suited attorney.

Daffy Days Tell Tail Tales

I imagine our elders to be quite appalled at our behavior. What does all this commotion say? Are we hypnotized, just to divert our attention from elsewhere? There’s a whole lot going on in the world, and other worlds, the underworld, the on-line world, and everywhere else. Won’t mention realms. That’s another day of writing about rabbit holes, time-travel, folklore, and otherworldly coordinates.

“Truthfully, Professor Hawking? Why would we allow tourists from the future muck up the past when your contemporaries had the task well in Hand?”

“Judge and ye shall be judged”. “He who is without sin, may cast the first stone.” BTW, that too was in reference to an “adulterous” woman. Jesus was trying to teach us; we should be slow to temper and quick for mercy. I cannot judge, punish, minimize, ridicule, or condemn another, especially have being a temperamental, “mouthy”, emotional, unruly teenager, a time or two.

“There but for the grace of God, go I.”

The golden treasures here are self-respect, honesty, integrity, and faith; cause ya gotta have Faith! My mediator from the “other side”, Matlock would stress the importance of Shakespear, “To thine oneself be true!” I wish love ruled supreme and this marriage would have realized, they both had different intentions, wishes, and ideals of what partnership, companionship, and loyalty “look”, “feel”, and “sound” like. That’s difficult to obtain without a foundation built with love, and no amount of money can pay for it.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”

We’ll bid farewell to “Andy” and thank him for his poetic work pro bono. He is such a heavenly southern gentleman. Those exaggerated micro expressions, priceless. I swoon before your excellence in “law”, some order, acting, and for this imaginary, made-up, court room, kinda, ether/forum hall of justice. This case will wrap up, or wrap itself up, labeled dismissed in the “disinterest of justice” or linger among just us. We’ll get to “hear” lame jokes for another decade or so and both individuals will be lost to time or getting those resumes “primed” and “prized” for Linkedin, Hollywood, or whoever comes a knocking. Till then fellow jurors, I pray for honest and fair negotiations, dealings, fair weather, epic love affairs, and the fairest of friendships to last long through summer, and beyond the sea. My sail set to higher hopes, and sunny slopes. Thank you for sailing along with this legal eagle. Bon voyage!

“Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy?”

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