“Street of Dreamers”

If you have your “pre-qual” papers, or “full cash offer”, in hand, from the guaranteed funds provided by your bank, then I can definitely “show” this house, better-yet, street of dreamers and dreams, coming true forevermore, to you, and yours. That’s real estate jargon, more additional ways than one, for this story, “escrowed”, blowing through the summer doors, a beautiful June, weekend morning. Got the coffee to go, the roll-top down (natural and “solar”), “honey-flats” on, wearing shades, “golden” “rock” tunes flying through the wi-fi airways, and house-hunting, “window shopping,” we shall go!

“I know it’s called the street of dreams
But that’s not stardust on my feet”

Please allow me to introduce to you, the long ago, “legendary”, “family”, real estate agent, “Collette Caldwell” and she might actually be immortal, “magical”, magnanimous, and momentous, since she’s “looked” the same age for the past 30 plus years (Shh, death became her (close client), so she drank an “elixir” from the golden waterfall of prime real estate eons ago and no one has been able to locate the mysterious land rights since. GPS coordinates set to another address, chimney, “frequency”, and the “title” doesn’t exist.).

“Go on — Drink it — It is the completion of your life’s work. You gave other people youth and wasted your own. Drink. And you will be able to work again forever. Drink — drink, Dr. Menville. You owe yourself another chance. Drink. It’s the right choice. The only choice. Drink. SEMPRE VIVE. LIVE FOREVER.”

Stepping out, almost five feet without platforms and like a diva from “Falcon Crest”, “Collette” with golden bangles, feathered coif, high heels, and Christian Dior shades, will usher us to cruise by the not-so-humble abodes of massive and exorbitant quantifications. “Collette” knows every house, because she not only sold them, but bought a few herself, and “knows” everything about the properties, the inhabitants, origins, water and land rights, and “all” the goings-on! Her voice, kind of shrill, matter of fact, “lofty”, colorful, and always made me smile. We both believe that there’s a home for everyone and everyone is deserving of a “happy home”.

“You undervalue your merchandise”

“Rattled” off logistics and “specs” at us at rapid-fire speed. Ironically, El Dorado Hills is full of rattle snakes and that’s exactly where we’re going! Permits that have gone south, liens that can’t be fixed, warranties that never expire, inspections that have gone awry, and shareholders alike and stockholders unalike. Tudors that inhabit “tutors” and ever-so-wealthy suitors, chateaus with immeasurable plateaus, and everywhere your toes would love to go. Every street number had a better, more infamous, story to tell than the last and I must admit, “this” is addicting. The hunt, quest, or quick Sunday jaunt is on!

“Standard of the World”, “There in the back of your pink Cadillac”

While we drive through the hills of El Dorado from the backseat of an otherworldly “caddy”. The caddy being a Cadillac, not the gent holding your golf clubs, or the “thing” that carries your drinks. We could talk caddy’s, caddies, and urban “Laddie’s”, but that’s another day of writing about cadets, France, whippersnappers, snickerdoodles, and golfing the green. Hurry! This street of dreams can’t wait, and Collette has a “tight” schedule and an exceptional floorplan to explore. “Get in”!

“We have a pool and a pond. The pond is better for you.” (Caddyshack)

Burning some rubber, “The Cadillac Eldorado is a luxury car manufactured and marketed by Cadillac from 1952 until 2002 over twelve generations. The Eldorado was at or near the top of the Cadillac line. The nameplate Eldorado is a contraction of two Spanish words that translate as “the gilded (i.e., golden) one”; and also refers to El Dorado, the mythical Colombian “Lost City of Gold” that fascinated Spanish explorers,” and yours truly, and everyone who has “donkey” ears, and anyone with a miner’s heart of gold. (Source Wikipedia, “Cruella”, the Midas touch, Neil Young, histories mysteries (School), treasure maps, and the flight plans scattered behind like crumbs of gold.)

“These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away”

“Goldie”, who knows what’s underneath that lake, Olympic size pool and spa, grotto, 10,000 square feet, “mountain” of glass, 3-tiered circumference balcony, mansion, or your nose? “The Street of Dreams is an annual showcase of new homes in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon, U.S. It is put on by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland and features high-end homes designed to showcase new designs and amenities. Started in 1976, a previous incarnation of the event was known as the Parade of Homes.”

“Why not just live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat?” (Thanks Goldie)

A copycat or cookie cutter version of Portland’s finest, and for this story’s actual purpose a street of dreams existed in El Dorado Hills, California, late 80’s. The time period of glam-rock, big hair, deep pockets, huge houses, and lifestyles of the outrageous. Outrageously rich, oh, and secretive! “The Summit is a gated community which featured the “Street of Dreams” in 1988. The village features homes with views of Folsom Lake, a park with tennis courts, play structure and community BBQ. Home prices range from $800,000 to over $1,000,000. Waterford is not gated; HOA dues are only $40 per month.” (Source fergusonrealestatehomes.com & a “nosey”, “looky-loo” neighbor from down the street and up Dante’s inferno of a mountain, “looking down” on the over-stated, outdated, and over-inflated, “Street of Dreams”.)

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

“El Dorado is also sometimes used as a metaphor to represent an ultimate prize or “Holy Grail” that one might spend one’s life seeking. It could represent true love, heaven, happiness, or success. It is used sometimes as a figure of speech to represent something much sought after that may not even exist, or, at least, may not ever be found. Such use is evident in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “El Dorado.”

“You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it.”

“It’s full of symbolism and has an incredible meaning. El Dorado is Poe’s way of showing people that we often times work for an unattainable goal, a prize that we will never be. The time of the poem’s publication, 1849, was during the California Gold Rush and the poem is, in part, Poe’s reaction to that event. “Eldorado” was one of Poe’s last poems.”

“He describes it as a vapor, a mist, a fog that appears for a little while then it is gone.”

“The poem is a narrative made up of four six-line stanzas, known as sestets. Poe uses the term shadow in the middle of each stanza. The meaning of the word, however, changes with each use. First, it is a literal shadow, where the sun is blocked out. In the second, it implies gloom or despair. The third denotes a ghost. The final use, “the Valley of Shadow”, references the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, possibly suggesting that Eldorado (or riches in general) does not exist in the living world, or may be extremely difficult to find in the physical realm. Eldorado can also be interpreted not as the worldly, yellowish metal, but as treasures that actually have the possibility of existence in the abode of spirits. These “spiritual” treasures are that of the mind: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.”

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

“In this context, El Dorado bears similarity to other myths such as the Fountain of Youth and Shangri-la. The other side of the ideal quest metaphor may be represented by Helldorado, a satirical nickname given to Tombstone, Arizona (United States) in the 1880s by a disgruntled miner who complained that many of his profession had traveled far to find El Dorado, only to wind up washing dishes in restaurants.” (Source Wikipedia, and many a dishwashing day and well into the nights along with folklore, ancient history, conquistadors, magical deserts, oases, and musica about Muisca.)

“There is something old and true in fantasy that speaks to something deep within us, to the child who dreamt that one day he would hunt the forests of the night, and feast beneath the hollow hills, and find a love to last forever somewhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La.” Words and beautiful sentiments by George R R Martin

“Even before the conquest of the Aztec and Inca empires and the Muisca Confederation the Spanish collected vague hearsay about these polities and their riches. After the Inca Empire in Peru was conquered by Francisco Pizarro and its riches proved real, new rumors of riches reached the Spanish. The earliest reference to an El Dorado-like kingdom occurred in 1531 during Ordaz’s expedition when he was told of a kingdom called Meta that was said to exist beyond a mountain on the left bank of the Orinoco River. (Oh, I’m getting an Enya Vibe) Meta was supposedly abundant in gold and ruled by a chief that only had one intact eye.” Let’s keep an eye out for dream homes and dreamy skyline views.

“From Bissau to Palau, in the shade of Avalon
From Fiji to Tire, and the isles of Ebony
From Peru to Cebu, hear the power of Babylon
From Bali to Cali, far beneath the Coral Sea”

My mom’s definition of “looky-loo” isn’t as wholesome or complimentary as the actual definitions: “a person who comes or stops to look at something out of curiosity, especially when such attention is unwelcome; a person who views something for sale with no genuine intention of making a purchase,” and the exact reason “we” stopped by. (Source Merriam-Webster, and my mum irritated by the lack of notice given for a weekend house “showing”, meaning the house is a disaster!)

“Besides referring to a person who looks at things with no intention of buying them, a special meaning is that of a person who holds up traffic by slowing down to look at an accident or fire or some other tragedy.”

“Street of Dreams” is also a song and foxtrot composed in 1932 by Victor Young, with lyrics by Sam M. Lewis. There were three successful recordings of the song in 1933 by Guy Lombardo, Ben Selvin and Bing Crosby.” Partial to GnR’s version and Axl Rose has a “foxtrot” that slithers side to side. We can definitely talk foxtrots, but that’s another day of writing about classic rock, gyrations, comics, dancing, specialty “eats”, what the fox says, and the super foxy. Front row seats to an awesome rock show, till a shoe was thrown at a “front man”, who cursed Sacramento out, and promised never to return. That promise has been “held” or from hell till November 18, 2017. Welcomed back to the jungle, patiently, and that November it rained!

“In the jungle Welcome, welcome to the jungle, watch it bring you to your knees, shun-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n, knees, knees”

Circling back around that cul-de-sac of real estate perfection, flip a quick u-ey (U-turn), and we’re back to the story and the golden road to “Paradiso”. Driving along we’ll make a left and roll through the opened golden gates. Wave to Peter, if he’s not gardening the idyllic rose garden, you ever did see. The gates are there just to “look the part”, you see, this street of dreams can only be accessed through a “trustee”, attorney (archangel), executrix, or specialized “keypad” (soul). I even heard that James Bond lived in the neighborhood. Now, this high-tech can’t be configured, hacked, duplicated, decoded, or swiped. Maybe like a subdivision of Hy-Brasil, invitation only, but for today … we’ll use the day-use “fast-pass”.

“Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn”

The wildlife has their own entrances into paradise, as to not gorge everything from the plentiful gardens, flowers, and colorful plants. The actual and only reason for fences. Birds of every kind fly wherever they shall please and tweet music between the realms. Interestingly enough, animals get-along, neighbors are neighborly, and peaceful existence, exists! No crime or ill-will, because lower frequencies cannot see through this veil or golden gates. It’s really quite amazing, sprawling golden hills, and magical waters, spell a heavenly sanctuary to dwell. Clean air, fresh land, and a mind full of wonderment and awe.

What’s On Your Mind?

If “it” can exist in imagination, I’m told a real version can be created. Rumors, whispers, songs, and gongs all “tell” the secrets to be revealed, planted a million blue moons ago, or more. Hopefully in “our” time, but as of this “day” … “A photograph taken from the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021 showed golden areas near the Amazon River. These were determined to be extensive illegal gold mining operations. Such photography and, especially, satellite surveys, have revealed the extent of the impact of these operations. They suggest the rate of forest loss more than tripled as gold prices rose in 2008, largely driven by small, illegal mining operations that now account for most activity in the region.”

“After my picture fades and darkness has
turned to gray, watching through windows, you’re wondering
If I’m OK, … Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time, … after time”

“It is not truth, but opinion that can travel the world without a passport.” Poetic, truthful, and observant words, Sir Walter Raleigh. El Dorado may represent the kind of world imagined by utopian philosophers, or El Dorado might be the “best of all possible worlds,” but at the same time, it is made to seem unbelievable, and lastly, symbolizing the impossibility of fantasist dreams.” You decide and should read over the 50 plus pages of by-laws, co-laws, and poly-laws before signing over your time, efforts, and next 30 years of mortgage bliss. Dear Prudence, I was just referencing, the “principle of jurisprudence”. Let’s stay logical!

“Death of the Fox explores the complex relationships between illusion and reality. The novel finds the truth about the individual devilishly difficult to obtain. And it finds the truth about humans completely inaccessible to those who see only the social or only the personal, only the body or only the soul, only the physical or only the spiritual.” (Bookrags.com and Summer School sipping English tea, but rather pink lemonade)

As for the exact directions: “Over the Mountains, Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride,” The shade replied, “If you seek for Eldorado!” Thank you for riding along the golden roads of El Dorado Hills with me. More sparkly tales to come … “Running through my memory, on the street of dreams, there you stood a distant memory, so good like we never parted, said to myself I knew you’d set me free, and here we are right back where we started.” Ooh, do you see the rainbow in the dark!?

“When there’s lightning, you know it always brings me down
Cause it’s free and I see that it’s me
Who’s lost and never found
I cry out for magic, see it floating in the air
But it’s fear and you’ll hear
It calling you beware – look out!”

Published by SiriusSea

Many moons ago and in a faraway land, I used to write about all things wonderous to the world and I am back to stir the seven seas of wonderment once more. As the storms pass through, I set my compass and my sights upon and beyond Sirius Sea! Welcome aboard!

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