Ship of Fools (ish-ness)

Now and zen a storm rolls through these parts the likes we haven’t “seen” before. Storms mightily thunderous with epic lightning shows and sheets beyond plenty of rain. I’m actually old enough to remember a few “drenching” and butt-clinching ordeals, shipwrecks, and destructive aftermaths. This year has them beat, like the rain pelting down, hinting the hail or something wicked this way is coming … Strong gusts of ever-changing, whipping wind; The Scorpions warned us about in 1991, but honestly, thought they meant or were referring only in Scotland. Maybe they’ll send us an angel.

“Wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
Wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart
Close your eyes and you will find
Passage out of the dark”

*Please allow me to introduce the distinguished, handsome, imagined and beloved voice of Sir Sean Connery with an extra embellished shh on the beginning and end to every other word here. * Turns out, The Scorp’s were referring to the Cold War and oddly this storm is belting a similar tune. A few hails and bloody Mary’s later and this New Year, fools and all, is lit! Oh, and lest I forget, major flooding and some earthquakes to boot!

“Wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star”

We’ve discussed Truckee before and not in a snowy capped dream. Spent a few bone-chilling, stranded nights with friends in a fishing cabin owned by the Nixon family and yes, I saw Richard Nixon’s fishing license from another lifetime ago. We’ll talk braggadocios, bodacious fishing excursions, bees and sugary drinks, near-deaths and assuredly divine epiphanies, horror stories and living hells, ghosts versus disfigured apparitions (orbs), picnics and ants, meadows and bears, creepy old sheets, R.V.’s versus tents, sunglasses and bug spray (“Pepper”, be sure to spray anything down-wind or essentially not against the wind) another day of writing by the overawing, paranoia inducing, glorious, mystical, and beyond harrowing mountains.

“Wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell
Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself
Here I am (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?”

Beautiful, majestic, and otherworldly describes Truckee. Also, reclusive and isolating, expansive, vastly underestimated, and elementally freezing, just to name a few adjectives. Perfect for lone wolves and black widows. I heard sasquatch has a summer home resort-ish not listed on air bnb anymore. Something about two stars and nobody has heard from him since. Really not enough words to describe, unless you physically take on that trek. “At Donner Pass in the Sierra, officials with UC Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Laboratory said recent snowfall had smashed the snowiest December record of 179 inches, set in 1970. The record is now 193.7 inches, and more snow is expected.” We could, definitely, elaborate on the seventies, especially with standards from today’s statistical climate, but I digress, and should stay in this year for this story’s purpose or take a quick “stroll” with me “teleporting” back to 1952 for sentimental and ironies sake. The year is still young; lots more to get done! Just, blame it on the rain!

“And stranger still my self control I can’t rely on anymore
New tide, surprise, my world is changing
Within this frame an ocean swell behind the smile, I know it well”

“Recent snowfall, which has triggered avalanches and flooding and nearly buried buildings in snow drift, brings this season’s total at the snow lab in Donner Pass to within 100 inches of the all-time record of 812 inches (67 feet) recorded in 1952. The snowstorms coincide with more than a dozen so-called atmospheric rivers, long narrow storm systems meteorologists say can carry the same amount of rain as the amount of water flowing through the mouth of the Mississippi River, that have hammered California this year, in what forecasters have called a “relentless parade of cyclones.”

“Who claims that no man is an island?
While I land up in jeopardy, more distant from you by degrees
I walk this shore in isolation
And at my feet eternity draws ever sweeter plans for me”

“The entire state of California had been in a drought late last year, as part of a years-long “megadrought” affecting the southwestern U.S. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles estimate the drought was the region’s worst in 1,200 years, according to a February study.” (Shout-out and major props: GoodDay Sacramento,,, Wikipedia, statistics, and some extreme March Madness)

“California’s long drought threatens many people’s access to clean, safe drinking water.
353,000 Californians received state help for drinking water problems in 2021.
$92 million distributed to California communities (in 26 counties) for drought-related projects.
The state is working to give access to clean water for all.
It is critical that Californians work together to save our water. That’s why the Save Our Water campaign is so important. More clean water makes the world a better place for our children and future generations.”

Since we’re here, there, and on-line everywhere, power permitting, might as well stop by 1952 for a quick re-cap and check for similarities relating to the weather-wise. “1952 was a leap year that marked some world changing events, such as the first patent for bar code, the first hydrogen bomb test, and the publication of the Diary of Anne Frank. It was also a year of political and social changes, such as the election of Dwight Eisenhower as the US president, the military coup in Egypt, the arrest of Nelson Mandela, and the self-governing status of Puerto Rico. The average income, living standards, and technology of Americans improved, but they also faced challenges like the polio epidemic and the London smog.” (Source

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”

We can thank 1952 for Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain, When I Fall in Love by Doris Day, Silver Bells by Bing Crosby (Can you believe Bing is a name?), The Hokey Pokey by Ray Anthony, Happy Trails by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and many folksier wholesome others. Let’s take our musically inclined umbrellas on this happy trail and hop into this Easter refreshed, spit-shined, polished, and renewed. There’s plenty more to explore through the rabbit hole, clearly showing signs of deJa’Vu everywhere you are and want to go.

“Yes, singing in the rain
What a glorious feeling
And I’m happy again
I’m laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun’s in my heart
And I’m ready for love …

Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I have a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin’, singin’ in the rain”

Over the hills and through the ether, skirting forward at warp speed; seems, this April Fool’s, besides the few quakes, belly aches, and slew of storms, is settling. Joking aside, the mornings have been optimistically filled with clear-blue skies and puffy-fluffy looking clouds. The doves are cooing a softer gentler coo and showing inklings of nesting. Doubting the madness is truly over from March, ever happened, or I might just “be” a fool for the whole month of April. There’s much foolishness going around, almost like the atmospheric storms swirling and twirling through the air like they just don’t care. “Talk” of a lot of hot air, balloons, high pressure, angry winds have me questioning. I loathe doubt; seems like a giant waste of time.

“What did the calendar say after April Fools’ was declared a holiday? Prank you, prank you very much.” (Props

Springing forward there’s so much to do, like binge watching the Traitors (all 3 seasons), discussing poker faces and the show, tackling thought-provoking conspiracy theorists, speaking of obsessions, mentioning scandals and pasta, probabilities regarding dreams and dreaming of past lives, pyramids and their schemes, and anything that captures our senses and sharpens our blades. We’ll hopefully explore a plethora more of histories wonderous mysteries, other dimensions, planets, atmospheres, Gods work; all the while looking for restrooms and fast-food dining, taking a million selfies.

So: Is it about the pasta?

We’ll bid farewell and heartfelt adieus to Sir Sean Connery for his heavenly voice and enigmatic inspiration. We have forged an unbreakable bond. Ship of Fools, the song by Robert Plant has been “replaying” lately, alluding that I should be paying more attention. Stormy weather always means, good books, music, coffee, chocolate, and memories. Thank you for visiting this “vessel” of nonsense and I truly wish everyone a Happy Easter full of promise, sunshine, and a bounty of future blessings evermore.

Easter Wishes (From 1952 Vintage Postcards)
Wishing You All The Joy That Spring
Will Bloom and Song Can Bring
That Happy Memories Remain
Till Easter Shall Come Again

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Many moons ago and in a faraway land, I used to write about all things wonderous to the world and I am back to stir the seven seas of wonderment once more. As the storms pass through, I set my compass and my sights upon and beyond Sirius Sea! Welcome aboard!

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