Tessie, Was That You?

Up for a dip or a polar plunge? Then, please join me … Tahoe bound, about a two- and half-hour (if I don’t stop for pics, Twix, and everything betwixt) refreshing, spellbinding drive from here up to the snowcapped, mysterious, legendary mountains. This is the exact air the angel’s breath; crisp, clean, and divinely fresh!Continue reading “Tessie, Was That You?”

Ship of Fools (ish-ness)

Now and zen a storm rolls through these parts the likes we haven’t “seen” before. Storms mightily thunderous with epic lightning shows and sheets beyond plenty of rain. I’m actually old enough to remember a few “drenching” and butt-clinching ordeals, shipwrecks, and destructive aftermaths. This year has them beat, like the rain pelting down, hintingContinue reading “Ship of Fools (ish-ness)”

Day Tripper

This story is about all the places I’ve day tripped before, not to be confused about the song, “being a play on words referring to both a tourist on a day-trip and a “trip” in the sense of a psychedelic experience.” We’ll chat acid trips, knick-knacks, rollercoasters, up-side-down rides, best friends, trucks, and the thirdContinue reading “Day Tripper”

The Minus Touch

“The phrase “Midas touch” is a relatively recent idiom of English used to describe an individual who is able to make money where others may not. The phrase implies that in a consistent manner, the individual is able to profit from their actions.” Subsequently the “Minus Touch” is urban slang, that I’m positive, I originated,Continue reading “The Minus Touch”

Hope Diamonds in The Sky!

With this ring, I thee wed. Do thee take this story, to have and to hold, till death do us part or an untimely interruption, via likely internet service, a sounding ring, or a grumbling stomach? I promise to honor this story’s history for better, best, or worse cursed. I now pronounce an April fool’sContinue reading “Hope Diamonds in The Sky!”