Tessie, Was That You?

Up for a dip or a polar plunge? Then, please join me … Tahoe bound, about a two- and half-hour (if I don’t stop for pics, Twix, and everything betwixt) refreshing, spellbinding drive from here up to the snowcapped, mysterious, legendary mountains. This is the exact air the angel’s breath; crisp, clean, and divinely fresh!Continue reading “Tessie, Was That You?”

The Miscast Case of Mistaken Identity

“I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else,” often said when completely mistaking someone else for a person you “think” you know. Usually, subconsciously, blurting outwardly, followed up with a “you remind me …”, or my favorite, “you look just like …” (Insert, willfully, opinion, command, or defamatory remark here, there, online everywhere) As if,Continue reading “The Miscast Case of Mistaken Identity”

An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40

Let’s begin, this story, kind of a list, not necessarily in order, but best described in the imagined and beloved voice of Casey Kasem, and preferably on a sunny week(end) morning, birds chirping, coffee percolating, kitty meowing, and the “radio” humming. “Casey” Kasem was an awesome American disc jockey, actor, and radio personality, who createdContinue reading “An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40”