Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me

Twas a few nights before Christmas, give or take some sprinkles, snowflakes, and snow bunnies around; here, there, and on-line flurries everywhere. All through the snow globe, every “creature” was stirring especially the mice. Ma Gingerbread in her icing gown, and Pa Gingerbread in his cap trying to snuggle down for the night with 2.5Continue reading “Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me”

The Nightmarish Christmas

For the sake of old times, it was only a dream. A reoccurring dream, at that. One that started young (middle-school years), and didn’t actually come to be physically, happen until much later. Not the only time this has occurred and, not sure how it’s even possible; but I will describe it the best IContinue reading “The Nightmarish Christmas”