Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me

Twas a few nights before Christmas, give or take some sprinkles, snowflakes, and snow bunnies around; here, there, and on-line flurries everywhere. All through the snow globe, every “creature” was stirring especially the mice. Ma Gingerbread in her icing gown, and Pa Gingerbread in his cap trying to snuggle down for the night with 2.5Continue reading “Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me”

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

“Bucky”, was born Montgomery in Sacramento, California, early to mid 70’s. Bucky is my older brother by 18 days shy of two years. He grew up in typical “royal” fashion and really was quite above average in smarts, athleticism, charm, and brightness. A toe-head like me, we galivanted and wandered through Sacramento and most ofContinue reading “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”