Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me

Twas a few nights before Christmas, give or take some sprinkles, snowflakes, and snow bunnies around; here, there, and on-line flurries everywhere. All through the snow globe, every “creature” was stirring especially the mice. Ma Gingerbread in her icing gown, and Pa Gingerbread in his cap trying to snuggle down for the night with 2.5Continue reading “Lil’ Gingerbread Houses for You & Me”

An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40

Let’s begin, this story, kind of a list, not necessarily in order, but best described in the imagined and beloved voice of Casey Kasem, and preferably on a sunny week(end) morning, birds chirping, coffee percolating, kitty meowing, and the “radio” humming. “Casey” Kasem was an awesome American disc jockey, actor, and radio personality, who createdContinue reading “An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40”