A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale

Let’s not play “pretend”; we have already established, I have a chronic, keen, and an acute awareness to curses and the cursed, the damned and the unrested. So, let’s begin with the caution tape already surrounding this scene of the crime we call every year upon Halloween time. Watch where you step! There’re people downContinue reading “A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale”

Ghost Ride the Whip!

“Ghost riding, frequently used in the context of “ghost riding the whip” (a “whip” being a vehicle) or simply ghostin’, is when a person exits their moving vehicle, and dances beside and around it.” “Ghost riding is also another term used for car surfing, and the term is also occasionally used to describe a moving vehicle withContinue reading “Ghost Ride the Whip!”

Here I Go Again

No, I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know where I’ve been and that can mean only one thing, we’re lost and need to stop for directions. Possibly, “hangry” (“millennial” term for hungry, meaning angry about being food deprived or “food challenged”), we should look for a “rest area”. Gas and snacks wouldContinue reading “Here I Go Again”