A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale

Let’s not play “pretend”; we have already established, I have a chronic, keen, and an acute awareness to curses and the cursed, the damned and the unrested. So, let’s begin with the caution tape already surrounding this scene of the crime we call every year upon Halloween time. Watch where you step! There’re people downContinue reading “A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale”

Uncle Cliff’s Notes

“Did you study for the test”, usually stated panicky, sleep-deprived, a tad depraved, and “stressed-out”, because “one” didn’t study for said test and likely wants to “peek” over your shoulder, “glance” at your work, “jot” down your answers, or straight “cheat” off of you! No worries, this story isn’t graded, but as always, participation equalsContinue reading “Uncle Cliff’s Notes”

Would You Know My Name

Would you know my name, if I saw you in Sacramento? Tears in Heaven is one of those songs that is embroidered into my life at the tail end of a harrowing crossroad. The intersection of hazy shade of the future and dark, deathly past. As haunting as the actual song was it synced beautifullyContinue reading “Would You Know My Name”