Levi’s Vs Scandalous Tomboy Jeans

We’ve all been there! Frantically, looking, and searching for the perfect pair of butt-hugging, form-fitting, beyond-flattering, jeans; or “significant” other, whatever pertains to this matter, likely, all-of-the-above, and then some. Your honor, I have a case before you this beautiful end of May, Memorial Day Weekend. The skies are a clear, vibrant blue, and theContinue reading “Levi’s Vs Scandalous Tomboy Jeans”

A Splash of Mountain Shasta Dew

This story comes tumbling, barreling, and rolling down a hill, outside somewhere by Trinity Lake, circa the summer of 1981, on a brand-new Huffy bike. “Look dad, no hands!” Proudly bolstering from the exhilarated 8-year-old brazen, Darren (aka Muscles). A glorious vacation had been designed, orchestrated, and every detail pined over by my husband’s father.Continue reading “A Splash of Mountain Shasta Dew”

One Mother of a Midnight Writer

We’re cut from the same cloth and both “true blues” when it comes to certain ideas, beliefs, notions, and venues with exceptional menus. Not to mention people, places, faces, and extreme escapists. (Phonetically it sounded good from over here anyways, or that way, on-line, everywhere and always) A warm breeze outside this Mother’s Day andContinue reading “One Mother of a Midnight Writer”

Luna Amas Veritas

It’s Full Super Flower Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse time! Say that ten times. Didn’t see this one coming, so better get out there tonight … another one is expected round the bend in 2029. I’m not one to “test” fate, so “forecasting” in today’s climate sounds like one giant jinx. Sadly, I placed secondContinue reading “Luna Amas Veritas”