A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale

Let’s not play “pretend”; we have already established, I have a chronic, keen, and an acute awareness to curses and the cursed, the damned and the unrested. So, let’s begin with the caution tape already surrounding this scene of the crime we call every year upon Halloween time. Watch where you step! There’re people downContinue reading “A Sac-Crow-Mental Tale”

Luna Amas Veritas

It’s Full Super Flower Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse time! Say that ten times. Didn’t see this one coming, so better get out there tonight … another one is expected round the bend in 2029. I’m not one to “test” fate, so “forecasting” in today’s climate sounds like one giant jinx. Sadly, I placed secondContinue reading “Luna Amas Veritas”