Tessie, Was That You?

Up for a dip or a polar plunge? Then, please join me … Tahoe bound, about a two- and half-hour (if I don’t stop for pics, Twix, and everything betwixt) refreshing, spellbinding drive from here up to the snowcapped, mysterious, legendary mountains. This is the exact air the angel’s breath; crisp, clean, and divinely fresh!Continue reading “Tessie, Was That You?”

Once Upon a Blue Moon

This story “barreling” through the hot barn-yard doors, in a historical unprecedented heatwave, is about real estate “gems”, rare and magical moons, “open-houses”, mythology with your symbology, and “otherworldly” coordinates. Galloping forward with thunderous momentum and epic lightning proportions. We’ll travel by “flying” the “ether” through lore of past, present, and hopefully future trails, blazedContinue reading “Once Upon a Blue Moon”

An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40

Let’s begin, this story, kind of a list, not necessarily in order, but best described in the imagined and beloved voice of Casey Kasem, and preferably on a sunny week(end) morning, birds chirping, coffee percolating, kitty meowing, and the “radio” humming. “Casey” Kasem was an awesome American disc jockey, actor, and radio personality, who createdContinue reading “An Ode To Casey Kasem’s Top 40”

The PineApple EXpreSSion

Valentine’s Day 2005; thought it would be like all the other massacres before. So, I decided to bypass all the bloody details and arrangements (workaholics) and celebrate a month earlier. Thinking I was smart and ahead of the game; I impulsively, decided to run away to the coast for the last weekend with my fiancée.Continue reading “The PineApple EXpreSSion”

What Happened To Jane!?

She was always something special and she was my father’s, mother. My biological, paternal, grandmother to be exact. I met her only a few times in my life and each left a very lasting impression, to say the least. She was the first person I ever wrote about that got me a fantastic grade. EveryContinue reading “What Happened To Jane!?”